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Title 130923 KOMERI Promotion

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130923 KOMERI Promotion

Leading Korea to a top-class shipbuilding & marine nation
with high technology and customer satisfaction service!

With Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute,
Korean technology goes to the world beyond Asia!

Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute!
Permission of incorporation from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy in 2001
Selected as a parts & materials reliability evaluation agency
Attracting a project on the establishment of industrial technology foundation
Inspiring R&D competence of Korean marine equipment
Consolidating the foundation for growth

Training professional engineer manpower
Acquiring diverse international certifications
Attracting leading projects for globalization
Performing tasks faithfully

With the name of Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute
We developed multidisciplinary and organic development system
towards constantly evolving shipbuilding & marine power
Building a technology network
We faced a new turning point as a world-class research institute

Now with an expectation of better future
International partner that gives customers satisfaction!
Reliable expert
Technical advisor
First KOMERI who will lead future shipbuilding & marine technology!

Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute realizes blue vision of ocean through the development and spread of advanced technology
Building a nationwide network and conducting research actively
Aiming to achieve total sales of 50 billion won,
to establish 3 domestic branches and
An overseas branch
and to have 200 researchers!

The Electric & Electronic research division develops next-generation technology
Electrical safety for electromagnetic waves and explosion proof
Support for test and certification of green ship electronic equipment
Multidisciplinary approach on IT and marine electricity

The Energy & Marine research division carries out diverse research projects
and research development for marine equipment structure, heat hydraulic design, and marine energy

The Machine Environment research division in charge of next-generation ship equipment development & standardization, high efficiency equipment test & research, and test certification in vibration, environment, fire and marine life

(The) Kyungnam branch provides one-stop test certification service
for marine plant products developed by domestic & foreign companies, and
builds academic-industrial cooperation cluster.
Branches in Jeonnam, Jeonbuk, and Ulsan provide marine equipment enterprises
with high-tech R&D and technical support service.
Suitable technical research development for each region.

Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute leads world technology
with the development of eco-friendly, highly efficient, cutting edge marine equipment that meets demands of the era!

KOMERI establishes a standard system for marine equipment and parts to make Korean marine equipment the world standard.
KOMERI builds a reliability evaluation system that internationally certifies excellence of domestic products.
KOMERI prepares a hardware base by building high-tech test certification and R&D infrastructure and support infrastructure to dominate the market of marine plant equipment, the leading project in the Dongnam Economic Region and green ship equipment R&D!

KOMERI doesn't spare support in human resources,
and technology so that small & medium-sized enterprises could improve their technical competence.
KOMERI provides the gateway to the world market for domestic marine equipment
by developing technology to produce high-value added ship equipment,
(the) empirical standard for LNG ship equipment,
marine plant, and green ship equipment!

To innovate national technology,
KOMERI establishes step-by-step marine equipment industrial development plans
and constantly conducts policy research and technical planning activities.
KOMERI makes efforts to train professionals in the design and production fields
and makes a bright future for the Korean marine equipment industry!

Test certification supports the reliability of the Korean marine equipment industry!
As the KOLAS international test agency and KAS product certification agency,
KOMERI grants official reliability of product quality through reliable test research!

With diverse test certifications on safety and durability
for fire, sound, vibration, explosion proof, and lighting,
as well as providing an underwater biological test certification in line with IMO regulations

KOMERI carries out US, UK, French, Norwegian, and Italian classification society tests
and government type-approval tests!

By achieving the 7.0.7 slogan,
through test services that maximize customer satisfaction
enterprises can be acknowledged for their values more conveniently and efficiently!

Test qualification performance history increases year by year!

KOMERI will carry out all certification tests of major classification societies in the world and improve the range and quality of service!

Social enterprise that leads the future of the high-tech marine equipment industry
with the best partnership, communication and unity with staff!

Expanding network advancing to diverse shipbuilding & marine fields!
KOMERI provides the best service with the best technology!

First KOMERI makes it to the top with customer-centered spirits!

Thank you.

130923 KOMERI promotion video English translation script (subtitles)

2001 Permission of incorporation by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy (currently Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy)
2002 Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy (currently Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy) parts & materials reliability evaluating agency / attracting industrial technology-based business
2003 Acquired KOLAS international certification testing agency
2004 Constructed Noksan research institute & Youngdo research institute
2005 Constructed Marine Electronics Equipment Testing & Certification Center
2007 Attracted Ministry of Knowledge Economy (currently Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy) human resources training project
2008 Acknowledged as KOLAS international certification testing agency
2009 Opened Jeonnam branch / Agreement on Dongnam Economic Region leading project
2010 Award from Minister of Knowledge Economy in Industrial-Academic field at small & medium-sized technology innovation fair / Acknowledged as KOLAS international test agency
2011 Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute name changed / Opened Jeonbuk branch
2012 Constructed Offshore Equipment Testing & Certification Center / Opened Ulsan branch / Opened lighting test center / Acknowledged as KAS international product certification agency
2013 Ministry of Land, Transport & Maritime Affairs (currently Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries) expanded designated testing agencies for type-approval (61 items in total) / Opened Green Ship Electricity Equipment Test & Certification Support Center / Constructed high-capacity BWMS land test facility
* Now toward the upcoming future of hope

*Jeonbuk branch, Jeonnam branch, Gyungnam branch, Ulsan branch, Youngdo research institute & Noksan research institute
*2015 quantitative goals: Achieving total sales of 50 billion won, Building 3 domestic branches, Building 1 foreign branch, Securing 200 researchers
*Electric & Electronic Research Division
-Marine Electronics Equipment Testing & Certification Center (Electromagnetic Compatibility Team / Explosion Safety Team)
-Green Power IT Research Center (Marine Fusion IT Team / Marine Power Team / Electrical Promotion Team)
*Energy & Marine Research Division
*( Structural System Design Team / Thermo Fluid System Design Team / Ocean Energy System Design Team / Air Environment System Team / Small & Medium Enterprise Centers for Research and Industry Cooperation / Human Resource Development Project Organization)
*Mechanical Environment Research Division
*(High-efficiency Equipment Testing and Research Center / BWMS Testing and Research Center / Safety Environment Team / Machinery Convergence Technology Team)
*Gyungnam branch: Marine plant equipment test certification center, One-stop test certification service, Building academic-industrial cluster
*Jeonnam branch: Jeonnam regional enterprise grand prize R&D, Technical support service, Marine equipment enterprise support & training human resources
*Jeonbuk branch: Jeonbuk regional enterprise grand prize R&D, Technical support service, Academic-industrial joint technology development consortium project
*Ulsan branch: Ulsan regional enterprise grand prize R&D, Technical support service, Project planning & operation tasks

[BODY-02] Technology leading the future

[BODY-03] Service that proves values

*KOLAS international testing agency / KAS certified product certification agency
*Fireproof test, Sound test, Vibration test, Explosion proof test, Lighting test, Environment test, Electrical safety test, Electromagnetic waves test
*Underwater biology test
*7?0?7 PROJECT
-7: Within 7 days, issuing timely test report of completed test
-0: Securing promptness and accuracy in issuing official test reports
-7: Providing customer satisfaction service more than 700 times
*Progress of growth of requested tests by year
*Compared to 2006, 156.7% ↑
*128 cases / 275 cases / 470 cases / 732 cases / 1096 cases / 1392 cases / 2005 cases