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We shall become the world’s leading research institution for marine shipbuilding equipment, pioneering marine shipbuilding technologies of the future.

The 21st century which we described with the terms, ‘digital era’ or ‘the era of knowledge and information’, is the century of unlimited competitions that transcend time and space.

The marine shipbuilding and equipment industry is the key industry of Korea that have immense influence on the country’s economic competitive edge in the world. The world’s most advanced countries, with the cooperation of multiple nations, regions and companies, are working fiercely to develop new technologies and are dominating the global market.

With this global economic trend in mind, Korea has been striving to develop various technologies and industrial policies so far. However, considering the nature of marine shipbuilding equipment industry, securement of various types of material technologies and improvement of the competitive edge are crucial and systematic and comprehensive support systems for securement of technical professionals, provision of information on the latest technology trends, establishment of infrastructures for international certification tests are most needed.

Therefore, various support and investment on focused research and development to strengthen export industrialization of marine shipbuilding equipment industry are urgently needed at this point. Only the securement of cutting edge technology will help the industry to become the country’s core, export industry in the 21st century.

To achieve this goal, our researchers will try their utmost to strengthen the industry to a highest level by establishing efficient business support infrastructures and executing comprehensive and systematic technology development for systems and core equipment which are still highly dependent on foreign technology. Also, to become more solid, technologically independent company, we will promote multi-dimensional support activities and aim not only for an increase in export but also for becoming a specialized business with strong competitive edge in the global market.

Lastly, our researchers and staffs promise you that we will always devote all our efforts in productive research and development with challenging spirit and a sense of national duty and try our utmost to create a world-class company that can lead the country marine shipbuilding equipment industry.

We ask for your continued support and interest.

Thank you.

Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute President kong Gil-Young