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Pledges to continue its leading role for development of Korea's marine industry.


  • 2018.08 Awarded the prime minister prize in Innovation Technology Show
  • 2018.07 Signed a MOU with Korean Society of Marine Engineering
  • 2018.06 Donated high voltage distribution board for electric propulsion ship to Korea Maritime and Ocean University
  • Signed technical agreement with TUV Rheinland
  • 2018.05 Signed a MOU KOMERI - VISIA - KOSEC
  • 2018.04 Opening ceremony of Advanced life cycle engineering center
  • Signed a MOU about Korea - Russia Technical Cooperation Center
  • Signed a MOU with Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority
  • 2018.02 Signed a MOU with CHONBUK National University
  • Signed a MOU KOMERI - KICOX - Korea Ship Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2018.01 Signed a MOU with SUNGKYUNKWAN University
  • Signed a MOU KOMERI - KMOU - KR


  • 2017.12 Signed a MOU with KIMM Nuclear Industry Instrument Verification Center
  • 2017.08 Signed a MOU with KOPRI
  • 2017.07 Holding technical seminar commemorating the start of gas fuel propulsion shipbuilding equipment test center
  • 2017.05 Started construction of Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Longevity Technical Support Center
    Granted sixth KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (TAECHANG ENG)


  • 2016.12 Designated as test laboratory for UL(Underwriters Laboratories)
  • 2016.11 Signed a MOU with KOITA
  • 2016.10 Signed a MOU with APEC
  • 2016.09 Registered as a research institute of SCT Co., Ltd.
  • 2016.07 Completion of KR-KOMERI ship equilibrium water field test facility
    Signed a MOU with Eurofins for international explosion-proof test
  • 2016.06 Granted fifth KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (PANASIA)
    Opening ceremony of Performance Enhancement Test Research Center
  • 2016.04 Signed a MOU with Scotra
    Building dedication ceremony of After use mode storage and processing system
  • 2016.02 Signed a MOU with Wooshin APEC Co., LTD


  • 2015.09 Designated as an authorized RRR testing body
  • 2015.07 Started construction of Performance Enhancement Test Research Center
  • 2015.03 Signed a MOU with KOTICA
    Designated as insulation of sound performance testing and noise measurements ship agencies
    Designated as test laboratory for USCG
  • 2015.02 Granted fourth KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (mt-korea)
  • 2015.01 Signed a MOU with University of Maryland
    Signed a MOU with University of Central Florida


  • 2014.11 Equipment industry delegation to visit Greece
  • 2014.09 Designated as an authorized UL testing body
  • 2014.07 Designated as an authorized TUV testing body
  • 2014.04 Saemangeum signed shipbuilding?Marine leisure industry enabled foundation for successful investment agreements composition
  • 2014.02 Signed a MOU with DTaQ
    Signed a MOU with Kunsan Uni.
    Signed a MOU with Pukyung Uni. LED-Marine Fusion Technology Research Center


  • 2013.11 Expanded MMAF type approval certification scope(total 65 items)
  • 2013.10 Granted third KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (Newmarine Engineering)
  • 2013.09 Granted second KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (Georim Engineering)
  • 2013.08 Signed a MOU with Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority
    Building dedication ceremony of BWMS Ground Testing Facility
  • 2013.07 Opening ceremony of Green Ship Electric Equipment/Material Testing/
    Certification Support Center
  • 2013.02 Granted first KOMERI MARK Certification (KAS Certification) (O.S.C.G)
  • 2013.01 Expanded MLTMA type approval certification scope (total 61 items)


  • 2012.12 Opening of the Ulsan Branch
  • 2012.11 Signed a MOU with KRH
  • 2012.10 Designated as an authorized RINA testing body
  • 2012.09 Signed a MOU for cooperation for establishing international standards
    Signed a MOU with Ulsan TP Opening ceremony of Lighting Testing Center
  • 2012.06 Signed a MOU with Jeonju Institute of Machinery and Carbon Composites
  • 2012.04 Designed as an efficiency management testing & high-efficiency testing body
  • 2012.03 Signed a MOU for Green Ship equipment testing/certification center
    Expanded MLTMA (currently MMAF) type approval certification scope
    Opening ceremony of Offshore Plant Equipment Testing/Certification Center
  • 2012.02 Signed MOUs with Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam testing/certification bodies
  • 2012.01 Expanded KOLAS certification scope (temperature and humidity)
    Signed a MOU with Hwaseung R&A


  • 2011.11 Signed a MOU with the Korean Intellectual Property Office
    Signed a MOU with SGS KOREA
  • 2011.09 Announced FISRT KOMERI 2015 Vision
  • 2011.08 Designated as British LR-authorized testing authority
    Designated as authorized KOLAS testing authority (shipbuilding)
  • 2011.06 Established Jeonbuk Branch
  • 2011.04 Changing name (Korea Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment Research Institute)
  • 2011.03 Designated as test laboratory for Norwegian DNV
  • 2011.02 Designated as test laboratory for French BV
  • 2011.01 Completion of equipment/materials test building for special ships