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Machine Environment Research Division


  • R&D on state-of-the-art, eco-friendly marine engine & equipment/material
  • R&D on next-generation marine equipment/material such as cruise,ICE CLASS, deep submergence vehicle
  • R&D on ship propulsion and auxiliary machinery
  • R&D on integrated monitoring/control equipment for EEDI / EEOI
  • R&D on machine fusion equipment/materials
  • Standardization of eco-friendly high value-added marine equipment/component
  • Standardization of ballast water sampling and analysis methods
  • Standardization of off-shore plant equipment/material
  • Standardization of ice-breaking vessel equipment/material

Testing & Certification

  • Machinery parts/system reliability test & assessment
  • Maintenance of testing equipment and facility for reliability assessment
  • Testing/evaluation of next-generation marine equipment/material such as cruise, ICE CLASS, deep submergence vehicle
  • Test & assessment of eco-friendly advanced ship engines and engine-related parts
  • Test & assessment on marine propulsion & auxiliary machinery
  • Fire protection/ sonic/ vibration/ environmental/ overall heat transmission/ impact on test & certification
  • Development and test/assessment of air pollution control equipment
  • Development and test/assessment of marine pollution prevention equipment
  • Performance test for approval of ballast water management systems (rated capacity: 500~1,000m3/h)(government, IMD, USCG, DNV)

Project Planning & Managemen

  • Marine equipment technology enhancement task force
  • Inter-institutional cooperation for developing standards for piping/machinery & maritime communications
  • Infrastructure project team for marine equipment/material standardization
  • Operating infrastructure coordination center to improve performance of marine equipment/materials
  • Infrastructure project team for industrial technology development
  • Regional development project
  • Other strategic business

Business Support

  • Education & training programs
  • Technical seminars & workshops
  • On/Off-line technical support (technical consultation, technology transfer, etc.) for businesses having technical problems
  • Consulting and assistance for technological solutions
  • Providing expert pools and information exchange meetings
  • Publishing technical periodicals including technology analysis and handbooks
  • General corporate support services


  • Standardization infrastructure team : +82-51-400-5050
  • Environmental rreliability team : +82-51-400-5436
  • Structural vibration team : +82-51-400-5445
  • Fusion technology team : +82-51-400-5473
  • Heat fire team : +82-51-400-5456
  • Sound impact team : +82-51-400-5464