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Electric/Electronics Research Division


  • Find out and carry out joint technology development projects (national projects, entrusted projects, etc.) in the field of electromagnetic waves


  • Establishment and implementation of mid - to long-term plans for testing and certification projects in the electronics field
  • Electric / Electronic Sector International / National Certified Testing and Certification Organization (KOLAS, MIC, etc.)

Business Planning&Operation

  • Local Strategic Industry promotion project charge
  • Establish and promote business plan
  • Establishment of business-related exchange meetings and related organizations
  • External affairs (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, KEIT, Busan, Techno Park, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic wave testing and comprehensive technical support management and maintenance

Business Support Service

  • Technical Consulting and Support for Electric Electronics
  • On / off-line technology support (technical guidance, technology transfer, etc.)
  • Expert pool of electrical and electronic fields and information exchange
  • Supported training in electric and electronic fields
  • Support technical seminars and workshops in electrical and electronic fields
  • Publishing and dissemination of various materials such as technical information magazines and manuals


  • Electromagnetic test&certification center : +82-51-400-5117