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Regional Division

Noksan Headquarters


  • A Research on the Policies of EMC, Fire and Acoustics in the shipbuilding, defense, marine and plant sectors
  • Excavation and performance joint technology development projects in the EMC, fire and acoustics sectors
  • Analytical R&D on Systems Using Simulation
  • R&D on Fire and Acoustic Field for the Comfort Space in the Resident-centered Center
  • R&D of materials, components, etc. for railways, ships, buildings, etc.

Testing and certification

  • Support for KOLAS international certification of EMC, electrical safety, lighting, fire and acoustic fields
  • Testing and certification of electromagnetic compatibility in shipbuilding, defense and other special areas
  • Testing and certification of the field of internal voltage and insulation testing of industrial electrical equipment
  • Testing and certification of the waterproof testing field and related electrical safety field of household appliances
  • Optical Characteristics of Registrar and Performance Test for Electrical Safety
  • Performance evaluation of materials, systems, etc. for each industrial group, such as shipbuilding and building (ground) fields
  • Performance evaluation of items subject to government type approval, such as notification of EMC, fire and acoustic fields
  • Fire and Acoustic Test Evaluation by KS, ISO, ASTM et al. Other International Specifications
  • Support for certification such as client demand test, three-way admission test, and R&D verification test
  • Support for high-level empirical tests such as industrial on-site tests and ship misalignment tests
  • Support for the certification of military and building equipment

Support of companies

  • Technical support for all relevant fields, including EMC, fire, and acoustic analysis
  • Technical Advisory on Testing and Specifications for EMC, Fire and Acoustics
  • Support for corporate difficulty technology (technical guidance, technology transfer, etc.)
  • Implement expert pools and operate technical seminars, workshops, and exchange meetings related to departments
  • Technical Support for Electromagnetic Interoperability, Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Support for ship and vessel solid test and EMC Management Plan