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Regional Division

1. Busan Headquarters


  • Implement R&D and interpretation/design of shipbuilding & marine equipment, marine structures and future products relating to thermo·fluid machinery/technology and structures
  • Implement R&D and interpretation/design of products relating to the new & renewable energy system/fusion energy system/marine safety system/automation system and atmospheric and water quality environment system
  • Conduct research projects of government ministries and institutions
  • Conduct research projects commissioned by companies

Testing and certification

  • Test, evaluate and certify thermo·fluid, structure, noise·vibration, energy, atmospheric and water quality environment
  • Test, evaluate and certify LNG FGSS/bunkering equipment

Business planning and operation

  • Establish a mid to long-term development plan for R&D
  • Formulate and implement business plans
  • Organize/operate and participate in committees
  • Affairs related to the Industry-Institute joint technology development consortium
  • Publish and distribute research reports

Support of companies

  • Instruct and transfer technologies to companies and conduct post-management
  • Provide technical consulting services for improving corporate technology, quality and productivity
  • Guide institutions to improve technical power of companies
  • Hold seminars and lecture meetings to share information
  • Handle affairs to apply for patents
  • Attract and facilitate research firms using the patents
  • Identify and run a firm that belongs to the Institute using the patents and technologies

Marketing for the Institute projects