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SME Industry-Research Partnership center


  • Technical support
    • Study support measures for the technical requirements of technical support that have been raised from equipment companies.
    • Technical assistance through the cooperation of relevant departments in research center.
  • Support for testing and certification
    • Considering the use of research test facility for performance evaluation that is requested by the company and the test of KR.
    • Through cooperation with relevant departments, we promote the support of other companies.
  • Support for international certification
    • Role that promoting the international certification by cooperation with business or project of international certification.
  • Work as a business-doctor
    • Maintains a network between research centers and companies.
    • Progress the visiting and connecting to the companies through the association with each department of the research center.
  • Local characterization task
    • Operations in response to support requests for equipment manufacturers that are distributed to each region, to support the company through cooperation with each branch research centers.


  • +82-51-400-5061