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Machine Environment Research Division


  • Ballaster water management device research and development
  • Coastal, marine environmental protection and environment-friendly technology research and development
  • Testing, certification and inspection technology development and propagation domestic industry

Testing &Certification

  • Water sector internationally recognized test positive environmental performance (IMO, government, USCG)
  • Drinking water certification exam
  • Internationally recognized testing laboratory qualification and type approval testing laboratory and maintenance

Project Planning &Managemen

  • Planning and implementation of research and development and authorized testing and certification business
  • Business-related hearings, debates, councils held

Business Support

  • Government support shipping and aquatic environment sectors
  • Coastal / marine environmental sector companies and government support for international policy response
  • Marine and aquatic environmental testing, research and development, information and technical assistance to improve


  • Aquatic organism team : +82-51-400-5145
  • Ballast water team : +82-51-400-5128