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Regional Division

Gyeongnam Headquarters


  • Research on parts of offshore plant machinery and system reliability
  • Standardize the seawater quality field to an international level (ISO) and respond to the IMO
  • R&D on LNG bunkering and LNG fuel propulsion system
  • R&D on the equipment for the offshore drilling system
  • R&D on cryogenic valves and plumbing fittings

Testing and certification

  • International certification tests (IMO, USCG) of ballast water treatment equipment, government type certification tests and retrofit R&D;
  • Type approval tests of the ship sewage treatment equipment
  • Performance tests of LNG equipment
  • Performance tests of the offshore plant equipment package
  • Temperature and environment tests of cryogenic valves and equipment

Business planning and operation

  • Eco-friendly vessel equipment
  • Anti bio-fouling
  • Autonomous surface ship
  • Offshore plant

HR/business support projects (non R&D)

  • Plan and operate business support projects to construct a Industry-academy-research network
  • Plan and operate business support projects to enhance SME capacities