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Regional Division

Ulsan Branch


  • Joint development projects on marine equipment ? convergence (national and commissioned projects)

Test & Certification

  • Mid- to long-term plan for testing & certification- reliability based service life prediction of marine equipment

Project Planning and Management

  • Mid- to long-term plan for long service life marine equipment/materials to establish a regional hub
  • Building relationships with relevant institutes
  • Branch-level publicity activity (company visits, promotional emails, etc.)

Corporate Support

  • Consulting for marine equipment/material testing· certification
  • Technical seminars and workshops on marine equipment/materials
  • Marine equipment/material engineering/reserve engineering (interpretation, engineering, design, etc.)
  • Intellectual property right protection of marine equipment/material companies
  • Supporting exports of marine equipment/materials (overseas promotion, enrollment of new venders, etc.)
  • Other assistance services for marine equipment/material companies


  • Reliability testing/certification center : +82-52-225-3129
  • Actuators team : +82-52-225-3185