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Regional Division

Yangsan Headquarters

Infrastructure work

  • Plan and promote eco-friendly promotion infrastructure project
  • Establishment of new test infrastructure and establishment of test operation system
  • Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and local government infrastructure project response work


  • Hybrid propulsion system efficiency improvement technology research
  • Eco-friendly ship power system and equipment engineering
  • Eco-friendly propulsion system safety improvement technology research
  • Hybrid power generation system demonstration technology development
  • Research on eco-friendly fuel-based engine and parts technology
  • Motor, reducer, inverter/converter technology development and localization research
  • Design suitability review for hybrid propulsion equipment

Test and certification related work

  • Hybrid propulsion system reliability and performance evaluation test
  • Propulsion and power control system performance evaluation test
  • Reducer and motor performance evaluation test
  • Ship power source load performance test

Business support related work

  • Hybrid promotion and non-R&D company support for shipbuilding equipment manufacturing companies
  • Hybrid propulsion equipment and system Computational analysis support in the fields of thermal fluid, structure, impact, and electromagnetic
  • Support for product and design safety analysis, commercialization, and commercialization of small and medium-sized enterprises and manufacturing companies

Standard development work

  • International standard (ISO, IEC) research and development in shipbuilding and offshore fields
  • Establishment and harmonization of domestic industry standards (KS)
  • International and national standards management (COSD) work
  • Acting on behalf of the National Institute of Technology and Standards

Standard-linked R&D work

  • Eco-friendly/smart ship standard R&D business
  • Implementation of standard-linked R&D projects in shipbuilding and offshore fields
  • In-hospital request standardization activities

Business and institutional standard support related work

  • Standard development support for shipbuilding equipment companies related to eco-friendly/smart ships
  • Carry out requests for support from the Standards Development Cooperation Agency (COSD) in the shipbuilding and offshore sector