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Certification Part

Fire Test

  • Classification type certification and MED certification test
  • Type approval test of ship’s articles of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
  • Fire-resistance testing of MMAF
화재시험을 하는 사진

Reaction to Fire Testing

  • Type approval & MED approval test
  • MMAF type approval for ship or shipborne articles
  • MLTMA flame resistance test for building finishing materials
화재반응시험을 하는 사진

Explosion Proof Test

  • Verify for suitability of electrical equipment and Ex components intended for use in explosive atmosphere
  • Reliability test
방폭시험을 하는 사진

Electrical Safety Testing

  • Test any risk factors that may occur when using marine electrical and electronic equipment
  • International certification service including CE for LVD and Machinery
전기안전시험을 하는 사진

Lighting Testing

  • Test and evaluate electrical safety and optical performance of luminaires used in vessels and off shore plants
  • R&D and technical support to invigorate development of LED lighting in the marine industry
조명기기시험을 하는 사진

Sound Testing

  • Sound performance test of sound-absorbing·insulating materials for pleasant living conditions
  • Sound testing and evaluation for machinery and electronic equipment used in vessels and offshore plants
음향시험을 하는 사진

Electromagnetic compatibility testing

  • Emission test : Unnecessary electromagnetic waves generated by electric/electronic equipment
전기안전시험을 하는 사진

Vibration test

  • Test dynamic characteristics and durability of samples in accordance with their use and purpose
  • Vibration and shock tests for shipborne and ground equipment
진동시험을 하는 사진

Environmental Test

  • Test for characteristics and durability of samples in accordance with their use and design
  • Test for durability and resistance of marine equipment under marine environments
환경시험을 하는 사진

Bioenvironmental Test

  • Performance test for type approval of ballast water management systems
  • Performance test for type approval of marine pollution prevention equipment (sewage treatment plants)
물환경시험을 하는 사진

LNG equipment performance test

  • Fuel gas compressor package performance test
  • Cryogenic performance test of LD / HD / MD compressors and pumps
LNG 기자재 성능시험을 하는 사진

Offshore plant equipment package performance test

  • Non Line Tensioner Cylinder Package performance test
  • Anchoring Winch Package performance test
해양플랜트 기자재 패키지 성능시험을 하는 사진

Cryogenic valve performance test

  • Performance test for cryogenic valves used ships and offshore plants(KOLAS Certification)
  • Environment test using cryogenic test chamber
극저온 밸브 성능시험을 하는 사진

Compression·tension and fatigue test

  • Meterial property test (tensile, compression, bending / 250kN)
  • Determine the fatigue life of materials by cyclic load (500kN, 250kN)
인장·압축 및 피로시험을 하는 사진

Component Analysis

  • Material composition analysis through high resolution inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
  • Analysis of key components of marine equipment and offshore plants
재료 성분 분석을 하는 사진

Shock test

  • Test durability against external shocks during operation
  • Verification of shock test for shipborne machinery, equipment, systems, and structures
충격시험을 하는 사진

Thermal transmission test

  • Test insulating and condensation properties
  • Measure air and water tightness and wind pressure of windows and doors
열관류시험을 하는 사진

Motor Characteristics/Reliability Test Articles

  • Test changes in properties such as velocity, output, current, input, and efficiency by applying load torque to test pieces
전동기 특성시험을 하는 사진

EIS test

  • Insulation system evaluation, Evaluation of Thermal Degradation Life, Evaluation of electrical deterioration life, Isolation diagnostic test, Withstanding voltage test, Impulse test
EIS test