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Certification Part

Fire Test


  • Classification type certification and MED certification test
  • Type approval test of ship’s articles of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
  • Fire-resistance testing of MMAF
  • Fire-protection testing of MMAF
  • Fireproof testing in accordance with other international standards

Test items & Criteria

Test items & Criteria
MMAF Notification 2015-142 Criteria of type approval for ship or shipborne Equipment Fire doors, partition materials (partitions, decks and ceilings), electric wire penetration materials, fire windows, fire shutters, noncombustible materials
Marine type approval and MED testing FTP CODE ANNEX 1 PART 3 Test for “A”, “B”and “F” class divisions
MLTM Notification 2016-416 Criteria for certification of refractory structures Concrete panel walls, construction steel walls, stud walls, board-type walls, deck floors
MLTM Notification 2016-193 Fire protection equipment Fire shutters, fire doors, elevator doors
materials for offshore plants H CLASS(DNV & ABS RULE)

Main testing facilities

Vertical FurnaceVertical Furnace
Large door set testerLarge Door Set Tester
smoke isolation testerSmoke Isolation Tester
Horizontal FurnaceHorizontal Furnace
Vertical Furnace AVertical Furnace A