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Certification Part

Lighting Testing


  • Test and evaluate electrical safety and optical performance of luminaires used in vessels and off shore plants
  • R&D and technical support to invigorate development of LED lighting in the marine industry
  • Expanding the scope of type approval certification for shipborne articles (exclusions apply)
  • Nationally authorized test agency - KOLAS (exclusions apply)

Test items & Criteria

Test items & Criteria
Safety and performance requirements KS C 7653, KS C 7655, KS C 7658, KS C 7712
Optical characteristics IACS E10 and each type approval certification
  • MLTMA 2011-397 Type Approval for Shipborne Articles
    • Designated Items: self-igniting lights, traffic lights, overhead lights, lifejacket lights, LED navigation lights
    • 2013 designation targets: electric ship lights, flash lights, maneuvering lights, canopy lights

Main testing facilities

Integrating sphere systemIntegrating Sphere System