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Certification Part

Sound Testing


  • Sound performance test of sound-absorbing·insulating materials for pleasant living conditions
  • Sound testing and evaluation for machinery and electronic equipment used in vessels and offshore plants
  • Noise testing and evaluation related to national defense
  • Nationally authorized testing agency - KOLAS

Test items & Criteria

Test items & Criteria
Sound absorption coefficient test ISO 354, KS F 2805, ASTM C423
Sound reduction index ISO 10140-2, ISO 140-4, ISO 717-1, KS F 2808, KS F 2809, KS F 2862, ASTM E 413
Normalized level of suspended ceilings ISO 10848-1/2, ISO 717-1, KS F 2866, KS F 2862
Floor impact sound pressure level ISO 10140-3 (formerly ISO 140-7) , KS F 2810-1/2, KS F 2863-1/2
Equipment noise IEC 60945 11.1, MIL-STD-740-1, MMAF Notification (National Type Approval)
On-site noise measurement ISO 11820, KS I ISO 11820, KS A ISO 1996-1MMAF Notification , Ministry of Environment Notification (certification for eco-friendly buildings)

Main testing facilities

Ceiling sound isolation test roomCeiling Sound Isolation Test Room
Reverberation roomReverberation Room
Reverberation roomReverberation Room