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Environmental Responsibility Test


  • Analysis and evaluation of equipment performance and impact on the complex environment resulting from storage and transportation and use conditions
  • Identification of characteristics and durability according to usage purpose and design goal of shipbuilding and marine, land equipment
  • Support to KOLAS, Government type approval, test equipment certification such as defense equipment, R&D
  • Environmental reliability test and evaluation support

Test items & Criteria

Test items and guidelines
Test Items Application criteria
General Test Special Test
Dry high temperature test
Low temperature test
Humidity test
Salt spray test
Thermal shock test
Icing test
Snow test
Freezing and Thawing test
Rainfall and windrain,
Waterproof, waterfall test
Flooding test
Solar radiation test
Low-temperature wind tunnel test
Environmental measurement test
Environmental durability test
  • KOLAS Test&Certification
    - Classification Standards (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, DNV·GL,
      KR, LR, NK, RS, IACS UR E10)
    - Government Type Approval Test Specification(Ministry of
      Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, RESOLUTION MEPC, 46 CFR
      162.060-30)Applicable standard
    - IEC 60068 and IEC 60092-504, IEC 60945, EN 60945 Applicable
    - KS C Applicable standard, KS D 9502, KS X IEC 60945 Applicable
    - MIL-STD-810F, G, w/CHANGE 1 Applicable standard
    - MIL-PRF-28800F, RTCA/DO-160G Applicable standard
  • Non KOLAS Test&Certification
    - Applicant provided specification etc.

Main testing facilities

Constant temperature & humidity chamber (S)Constant temperature & Humidity Chamber (S)
Corrosion chamber(S)Corrosion Chamber(S)
Implementation of Cryogenic and Snowfall, Freezing, Freezing, Thawing Environment Walk-in ChamberImplementation of Cryogenic and Snowfall, Freezing, Freezing, Thawing Environment Walk-in Chamber
Rainfall and Inundation Systems
Constant temperature & Humidity Chamber (M)Constant temperature & Humidity Chamber (M)
Corrosion Chamber(M)Corrosion Chamber(M)
Walk-in chamber for high temperature and high humidity environmentWalk-in chamber for high temperature and high humidity environment
Environmental Monitoring Monitoring SystemEnvironmental Monitoring Monitoring System
Walk-in chamber for anti-fog environmentWalk-in chamber for anti-fog environment
Corrosion chamber (S)Corrosion Chamber (S)