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Certification Part

Bioenvironmental Test


  • Testing/certification for type approval of ballast water management systems (USCG, KOREA)
  • Testing/certification for type approval of marine pollution prevention equipment (sewage treatment plants)
  • Testing/certification for fields of water quality and marine organisms

Test items & Criteria

Test items & Criteria
Heterotropic plate counts APHA AWWA WEF 9215
Concentration technique APHA AWWA WEF 10200 Plankton C
Measurement of fluorescence chlorophyll-a and pheophytin-a in phytoplankton US EPA Method 445.0:1997
Detection of underwater enterococcus through film filtration using mEI US EPA Method 1600:2009
Detection of underwater E.col: through film filtration using mTEC US EPA Method 1603:2009
Estimating cell numbers UNESCO4: 2004
Total suspended solids dried at 103-105℃ APHA AWWA WEF 2540 D: 2012
Standard total coliform membrane filter procedure APHA AWWA WEF 9222 B: 2012

Main testing facilities

clean benchClean Bench
Stereo microscopeStereo Microscope
BWMS Land-Based Test FacilityBWMS Land-Based Test Facility
Multi-Parameter Water Quality MeterMulti-Parameter Water Quality Meter
Ballast pump (maximum processing capacity:1,500m3/h)Ballast Pump (maximum processing capacity:1,500㎥/h)
Fluorescence microscopyFluorescence Microscopy