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Cryogenic valve performance test


  • Performance test for cryogenic valves used ships and offshore plants(KOLAS Certification)
  • Environment test using cryogenic test chamber (cryogenic equipments)

Test items & Criteria

Test items & Criteria
Cryogenic valve performance test
  • Leak tightness test
  • Pressure test
  • operation test
  • Normal temperature restoration test
KS B 2821 : 2007 Method for performance testing of low temperature valves
RS R 0139 : 2009 Cryogenic Globe Valve for LNGC
BS 6364 : 1997 Valves for cryogenic service
Environment test for cryogenic equipment Based on temperature environment standards of cryogenic equipments used in ships and offshore plants

Main testing facilities

Cryogenic valve performance testing facilityCryogenic Valve Performance Testing Facility