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Motor Characteristics/Reliability Test Articles


  • Load characteristics test of rotating type actuator such as electric motor, generator, engine, hydraulic device
  • 3-phase induction motor minimum efficiency certification test
  • Load testing in temperature and humidity environments

Test items & Criteria

  • Motor Characteristics Testing
  • Electrical equipment type approval test
  • 3-phase induction motor efficiency certification test

Main testing facilities

Combined Environment ChamberCombined Environment Chamber
3MW Dynamometer3MW Dynamometer
Motor Tester Motor Tester (4WB15)
DynamometerDynamometer (2WB115)
7kW Hysteresis Load Set7kW Hysteresis Load Set (HD-815)
3.4kW Dynamometer (HD-715)3.4kW Dynamometer (HD-715)
Industrial Megascope SystemIndustrial Megascope System
Inline X-RayInline X-Ray
highly accelerated life testerHighly Accelerated Life Tester
Adaptable Modular Measurement SystemAdaptable Modular Measurement System