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Institute Organization and Divisions

Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute establishes certification system to carry out product and performance certification services for shipbuilding and marine plant equipment. The institute is accredited by KAS(Korea Accreditation System) and authorizes the use of certifications and KOMERI mark.

Structure of Certification Review Committee

Structure of Certification Review Committee

Certification Review Committee

Certification Review Committee consists of a manufacturer or producer, customers, academic institutions, public institution and a product certification organization.
Committee members shall deliberate the following matters related to certification.

  • Matters related to the process and criteria of certification
  • Deliberation on management discussions and internal review results of product certification’s quality system
  • Matters related to quality system and changes in the system
  • Matters related to enactment or revisions in technology criteria for each sector
  • Matters related to addition of new certification field
  • Matters related to dispute conciliation and to final interpretation on complaints handling

Certification Director

  • Selection and assignment of reviewer
  • Examination and approval of plant & product review results
  • Management and supervision of staffs involved in certification process and assessment of reviewer qualification
  • Corrections and management of preventive measures
  • Management and supervision of product certification activities

Quality Director

  • Management and report of quality system
  • Management of quality documents
  • Management and maintenance of documents for efficient product certification system
  • Internal audit
  • Management review
  • Management of corrective/preventive measures
  • Control and maintenance of quality record following standard procedures
  • Overall control over quality system management

Certification Manager

  • Reception of reports on measures for producers’ obligation for damages
  • Preparation of contract forms and registration of contract agencies
  • Preparation of management review report
  • Reception of reports on corrective/preventive measures
  • Enactment, revision and report of quality documents
  • Recording of settlement for producers’ injuries and damages
  • Preparation of training plans, training reports, training/experience record cards
  • Provision of information on product certification procedure, reception and management of application for product certification
  • Preparation of KOMERI mark evaluation report

Certification Reviewer

  • Plant review
  • Follow-up management of certified enterprises
  • Product certification guidance
  • Preparation of training reports
  • Verification of complaints against producers and complaint management